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New Items


New and/or improved items added to the TowRax product line.

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Inventory Reduction


We’ve overstocked! Find Tow-Rax items reduced for quick sale!

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Aluminum Cabinets


Designed for space saving, Tow-Rax cabinets store oil, aerosol cans, and even paper towels (in select models). Confined space becomes workspace with Tow-Rax cabinets!

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Racks & Shelves


Store gear close at hand with functional racks & shelves by Tow-Rax. Safely store fuel jugs and/or propane bottles to eliminate sliding and minimize the change of dangerous spills

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Floor Accessories & Tie Downs


Sturdy & attractive, Tow-Rax floor accessories & tie downs are designed to keep your equipment in place.

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Tables & Trays


Everyone needs more space to work. Tow-Rax tables and trays create the perfect space for cleaning and repairing small parts in your garage or on the road.

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Brackets & Hangers


Keep important items at your fingertips. Tape, cords, goggles and more will be safely stored and easier to find with Tow-Rax brackets and hangers.

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Conveniently offer lighting solutions for your trailer or garage with Tow-Rax lighting.

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Perfect solutions for mounting your Tow-Rax products to wood & metal.

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Air Inflation Accessories


Trim your trailer or toolbox with Air Inflation Kits from Tow Rax.

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